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Sea the Difference ®

Sea the Difference | CSA Ocean Sciences

CSA Ciências Oceânicas is part of CSA Ocean Sciences, a global marine environmental consultancy founded in 1970 and based in Florida. With local offices in Vitoria, CSA offers five decades of field experience in marine science, marine operations and leading oceanographic marine equipment, with extensive expertise in deep sea survey for the sustainable exploration of offshore oil and gas reserves.

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Sea the Difference®

50 Years of Excellence

  •   Equipment Rental

    Remote Sensing, Marine Acoustics and Imaging; Water Quality and Physical Sampling; Deck Equipment and Vessels.

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years of excellence

Project Countries


Our global presence has allowed us to build an expansive network of worldwide partners and project resources.

Proven Results

With over 50 years of experience, our teams have successfully completed thousands of projects.

Clients Served


A diverse range of project and client types have helped us to build an extensive range of expertise and experience.

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